Q: What type of fuel do you offer?
A: We provide JET-A, JET-A W/FSII, and 100LL (Avgas)

Q:  Do you offer fuel discounts?
A:  Yes, please contact Customer Service for details related to volume discounts. In addition, Apex offers discounts through CAA and contract fuel providers.

Q:  Is Apex capable of handling Military aircraft.
A:  Yes, Apex holds the DLA contract and is honored to service Military aircraft.

Q: Are you a CAA preferred location?
A: Yes!

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We take all major credit cards, Colt, Multiservice, Government Air Card, Avfuel Pro Card, Avcard

Q: Do you have a rewards program?
A: Yes, we reward AVTRIP points – ask our Customer Service Representatives for more details


Q:  Are you capable of handling commercial aircraft?
A:  Yes, Apex works daily with commercial aircraft and can provide air stairs, belt loader and other support equipment.

Q:  Do you offer aircraft cleaning?
A:  We offer quick interior cleaning and detailed exterior cleaning services for commercial and business aircraft.


Q: Does Apex have a negotiated rate at any of the hotels nearby?
A: Yes, please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance or click on the links below to access our rates.

Q: Does Apex have a negotiated rate with rental car organizations?
A: Yes, Apex is a Hertz preferred location.  Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.  We can also utilize other rental car vendors.

Q: Does Apex work with an Executive Limo service?
A: Yes, we work routinely with Brevard Executive Limos. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.

Q: Does Apex work with local caterers?
A: Apex recommends several local providers. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.


Q: What services does Apex provide at customs?
A: Apex is dedicated to our customers who fly Internationally. We can provide any fueling services at U.S. Customs. We can also set up and deliver catering, coffee, ice, papers, delivery personal vehicles, rental cars and any other services you may need upon arrival.

Q: Does Apex have customs paperwork?
A: Yes, we keep paperwork needed for Bahamas flights at the front desk for convenience.

Q: What are the hours of customs?
A: M-F 08:30-17:00, Weekend arrivals must be coordinated with the CBP office before 16:00 the Friday prior

Q: Can I rent life jackets and/or life vests from Apex?
A: Yes! We partner with Aviation Survival. Check out their website for all specifications and pricing or contact our front desk for more info!

Q: Is it required to get an overflight permit to travel to MLB from the Bahamas?
A: Overflight permits must be obtained through the CBP office in Leesburg prior to flight – POC: Art Hoblin 352-787-4217 0800-1630 M-F.

Once overflight is obtained, the crew must coordinate their arrival with CPB, in MLB, with as much lead time as possible – POC: Dan 321-674-5796 08:30-17:00 M-F


Q: Where does Apex provide aircraft detailing services?
A: We offer detailing services at our facility in Melbourne, FL and throughout Central and Southern Florida via our mobile detailing team.

Q: What exterior services do you offer?
A: Apex can handle just about any job from complete & partial wipedowns to exterior hand waxing and bright work.

Q: What interior services do you offer?
A: Apex offers simple interior wipedowns to carpet extractions, ink/stain removal and leather cleaning services.

Q: What chemicals do you use?
A: Apex uses a combination of cleaning products that have been approved for use on aircraft. We understand that your aircraft is an investment and will ensure that every service is handled with care.

Q: How often do you clean aircraft?
A: Our recommendations often depend on use and so it is best to discuss options on the phone. We can detail aircraft on-demand, but often recommend a monthly service to keep your aircraft looking pristine!