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Welcome to Apex Executive Jet Center

Apex Executive Jet Center, one of Central Florida’s premier fixed based operations, is less than an hour’s drive from Orlando and only minutes from the beaches. Located at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport and near many major corporations, Apex EJC is a convenient option for your leisure and business travel needs.  

Currently, Apex EJC has 28,000 square feet of hangar space that can comfortably house up to a Falcon 2000 or similar, and our ramp can hold up to a Global Express or CRJ 200 sized aircraft. In 2016, Apex EJC signed a 10 acre lease agreement to expand its ramp and hangar space in order to accommodate the rapid growth of our operations. 

With this recent growth, Apex EJC has added a team of fully trained Line Service Technicians with well over 30 years combined aviation experience. Our daily operations can support catering requests and supplying coffee, ice and newspapers. The line staff is equipped to handle lavatory service, potable water service and towing equipment for most any private jets and turbo props. 

Holding multiple major fueling contracts at KMLB, including the DLA military contract, and pumping over one million gallons of fuel in 2015, Apex EJC can handle any type of fuel request and offer first class service to all aircraft and crew. We also offer on-call maintenance for 14 CFR Part 121 air carriers operating out of KMLB. 


150 South Apollo Boulevard

Melbourne, FL 32901

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Contact us at (321) 956-8695 or through the form below to arrange your aircraft parking or hangar space, rental car reservations, car and driver services, catering arrangements or hotel accommodations. 

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