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Private, on-demand aircraft service to simplify and streamline your travel.

Stop and Smell the Rosé (or Merlot) on Apex EJC!

Start your vacation before you arrive at your destination! Apex EJC offers private aircraft charters for those looking to simplify and streamline their travel through on-demand service. Air travel should be relaxing – we offer service within North America, Central America, and the Caribbean without the commercial airline hassles!

Passengers Requiring Special Assistance

Commercial air travel can be very difficult for passengers who need additional assistance boarding or deplaning an aircraft. With convenient, personal service through Apex EJC, you’ll find the travel experience to be comfortable, hassle free and dignified.

Additional Capabilities

Apex EJC can transport non-hazardous cargo (defined by the DOT here: Department of Transportation) and deliver last minute or even late at night.

If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your next trip, Apex charter is your pet friendly alternative to flying commercially.

Flexible with your travel dates?

We offer special fares for charter flights that take advantage of re-positioning an aircraft. Call us today to find out about available empty legs!

Our travel experts can arrange your entire vacation package – safety, convenience, reliability delivered with a personal, professional touch.

Beechjet 400A

Cruising Speed: 500 mph

Range: 1,300 miles

Max Cruising Altitude: 41,000 Feet

Passenger Capacity: 8 people / 2,000 lbs

MU-300 Diamond Jet

Cruising Speed: 375 mph

Range: 1,000 miles

Max Cruising Altitude: 39,000 Feet

Passenger Capacity: 9 people / 2,000lbs

King Air 200

Cruising Speed: 330 mph

Range: 1,700 miles

Max Cruising Altitude: 29,000 Feet

Passenger Capacity: 9 people / 2,000 lbs

King Air C90

Cruising Speed: 240 mph

Range: 1,000 miles

Max Cruising Altitude: 25,000 Feet

Passenger Capacity: 7 people / 2,000 lbs

Piper Navajo

Piper Navajo

Cruising Speed: 210 mph

Range: 1,000 miles

Max Cruising Altitude: 25,000 Feet

Passenger Capacity: 7 people / 1,300 lbs

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